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Wrongful Death

In Ohio, the beneficiaries of a person killed by the negligence of another may be entitled to compensation.  A Wrongful Death action is controlled by statute and the surviving spouse, children and parents of the decedent are presumed to have suffered damages.  The other next of kin may also recover damages when they can present evidence of their loss.

Families who lose loved ones in automobile accidents caused by negligence, whether it is an accident or the result of a drunk driver, oftentimes do not know where to turn to have their questions answered about who may recover or how to assert a claim.  Insurance companies do not always provide guidance and the victim’s families are often overwhelmed with letters from lawyers seeking their business.  Some of those letters come from out of state lawyers with no real presence in central Ohio.

Hollern & Associates does not advertise or solicit clients by mail following a tragic event.  Rather, we represent clients referred to us by other lawyers who know us and trust us to guide families through the most difficult times in their lives.  We will set up the Probate Estate for the family, obtain the necessary police reports and investigative materials, and gather the medical records, death certificate and autopsy in order the further the claim.